Christmas Time

Christmas time is near,
Time with loved ones dear.
Unwrapping pandemonium
Of wishes granted clear.
Baubles on the tree,
A happy sight to see.
Glitter, tinsel, jingle bells
Happy to decorate are we.
Turkeys getting fat,
Time to wear that Christmas hat
As after dinner, bellies full
The Queen, a snooze, a chat.
Make “pop” with champagne cork,
Or maybe we’ll go for a walk,
Peer through our neighbours’ windows
As their Christmas Days we stalk.

Β© Emily Page

11 thoughts on “Christmas Time

    • Thanks Vicky! It’s been an absolute pleasure to take part in #Prose4T and meet so many other fabulous poets and writers. Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to find each other and enjoy each other’s work. Hope you enjoy this week’s contribution. Look forward to more fun in the New Year x

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