Yes, it sounds final. I want it to.
We’ve said it before so many times, you and I.
Never quite believing it was real.
It never was, we always came back.
One or other of us would thaw
From whichever frost the other had imposed.

But not this time.
Now, I need to say goodbye
To let you know this will be the last one
The farewell neither of us returns from.
Like a wraith that slips between worlds,
I will be slipping out of yours.
I have no place there now. It is hers.
You have her. You won’t need me.
If you do, I will be waiting in another World,
The next stage of our lives, alone, apart.

It shouldn’t be difficult.
You’ve made it clear.
Now it’s my turn to be clear too.

Goodbye my love.

© Emily Page


You had the power to make me love you
You had the power to make me see
How wonderful you & I could be
How you’d be the perfect match for me.

But you had the power to make me cry
You never used your power to ask me why
Your power broke me, it made me weak
But your power forced me my own to seek.

Now I have the power to tell you no
I have the power to let you go.

© Emily Page